Newsletter 2019 Term 1 Week 6

School Photo
The photo day is this coming Monday 11 March. Photo forms need to be returned at the latest on the day. Students should wear their normal summer uniform.

April is Autism Awareness Month
Staff at New Hope School (and you too if you’d like!) will be supporting Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) again this coming April. Further details regarding some school-based activities will be shared in future newsletters. We will also be participating in the ASPECT Walk for Autism initiative. We will be challenging ourselves to each walk 5000 steps each day for 5 days. Some of the staff are planning to meet each morning before school from April 1 to 5 to walk together. By supporting this cause, we can help provide opportunities for people on the autism spectrum to participate, engage and thrive in the world around them. For more information or to join us, sponsor us, or share our page on social media, please click on the following link: * Walk for Autism *

Fun Run
Fun Run Sponsor Cards and notes have gone home in bags this week. Please get in touch with the office if you need another. The fun run takes place in Week 11 on April 9 and the students have been practising running or walking the course in their sports lessons. Funds raised through the sponsorship will be used to support the Kenya Ambulance project and the Bible League International to provide Bible Resources to public schools throughout South Africa. This whole school event continues to promote the philosophy that we can all make a difference and that God calls us to use the life we have been given to serve others and administer God’s grace. 

Bullying No Way!
Friday 15 March is ‘Bullying No Way! Day. In our assembly on this day I will be talking to the students about how to ‘Be Caring’ and also what to do if someone is being unkind to them.

We have a focus on Wellbeing this year. Here are some helpful tips from our school counsellor in the area of cognitive health & wellbeing which I thought I would share with you:
If you’re experiencing a little bit of brain fog, or are having difficulty remembering and focusing on information, the attached article by psychologist Dennis Kravetz has 10 practical tips for investing in ways to improve your brain’s engagement, memory and learning capacity regardless of your age and stage of life.

These include:
1. Exercise to improve cognitive function
2. Be “active” in how you watch tv and read
3. Take up a new hobby
4. Solve various types of puzzles and problems
5. Visit zoos, museums and historical sites
6. Play board games and card games
7. Become a student again
8. Attend workshops
9. Reduce Stress
10. Address Depression

Please click on this article link to read more about each of these suggestions: *Article*

New Hope School’s birthday
On 17 March we will celebrate our 4th birthday. Although it is not a particularly significant milestone, it nevertheless provides an opportunity to thank God for his blessings in the development of New Hope School. This year the 17 March falls on a Sunday and so on Friday 15 March, we will be extending our normal Friday afternoon New Hope School assembly and inviting Dr Boyce to join us. Some photos will be shared with the students and a treat to finish off the day.

Mrs Dianne Dowson

Dates for your Diary

11 March     School Photos
17 March New Hope School’s 4th Birthday
9 April School Fun Run
12 April Pacific Hills 40th Birthday Celebrations
  Last day of Term 1