Newsletter 2018 Term 4 Week 2

Social Skills Groups
Social skills is taught as part of the Health program in each of our classes. To provide further input and opportunities to learn these skills we will be running social skills groups for the rest of this term. The sessions will occur each Monday afternoon. The students will be in groups of 3 and each week will be taught by a different teacher or assistant. Our Speech Therapist will also be involved in leading one of the groups. The topics include Respect, Dealing with Change, Helping Others, Making Mistakes, Winning and Losing, Being Comfortable and Communication. We look forward to working with the students on developing these skills and reinforcing these skills across different settings.

Orientation Morning
An orientation morning for our new students for 2019 will be held on Thursday 22 November. The students will spend a short time in class and then enjoy some time in the playground at recess. At this stage we have two new students who will be commencing at New Hope in 2019. We have also scheduled an extra visit for each of the students to prepare them for their transition to New Hope School. We look forward to welcoming them to our school.

New support staff positions advertised
I am pleased to inform you that we are increasing our support staff in 2019. Our current Speech Therapist, Mrs Jayne Ng, will be increasing her allocation from one day per week to two days. We have also advertised for an Occupational Therapist (1 day per week), a school counsellor (3 days per week) and new teacher assistants.

Some dates for your diary
Thursday/Friday 15/16 November      New Hope Camp at Galston
Tuesday 4 December                           Certificate Assembly

Mrs Dianne Dowson