Newsletter 2018 Term 4 Week 1

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope that you had a good break from normal school routines.

Camp Notes
Camp notes which came home last term or over the holidays needed to be returned by today. Thank you for all the notes returned so far. If you have not yet done so please complete the permission note and medical form and return them on Monday. If you have any questions regarding the camp, please feel free to contact myself or Mrs Elle Morris in our office.

Camp tour and Fagan Park Excursion
Yesterday we appreciated the opportunity to have a tour of the Galston Crusaders campsite. The students explored the gymnasium, dining hall, sleeping quarters and one of the meeting rooms as well as walking around the site and seeing the BMX bike riding track. After morning tea we visited Aldi and the students enjoyed choosing a snack and practicing their money skills to make a purchase. It was lovely to see the sun come out for our time at Fagan Park. After a walk around some of the gardens, the students enjoyed lunch, including a sausage sandwich, and a play on the equipment.

Some dates for your diary
Thursday/Friday 15/16 November           New Hope Camp at Galston
Tuesday 4 December                                Certificate Assembly

Mrs Dianne Dowson