Newsletter - 2017 Term 3 Week 6

Delights and Dangers of Christian Parenting - Thankfulness
I would like to encourage the parents of NHS to continue with a spirit of thankfulness for the establishment of NHS and for the wonderful staff. At the same time, we are thankful as a School Community for the wonderful parents and the opportunity to share in the Christian Education of their children.

Partnership of parents with staff
I want to remind parents that Christian Education at NHS is a true partnership with parents having the primary responsibility for educating children. We acknowledge that God gives children to parents and not to schools.

Special events
Last week the Senior Students in NHS enjoyed operating a Smoothie and Milkshake Store as their fundraising project for this term. They are raising money to sponsor a child living in poverty through Compassion. The store was very successful and was held again this week.

On Tuesday of this week all NHS students were involved in an excursion to the Sydney Observatory. This was a most enjoyable time for our students. Thank you to the staff that attended and coordinated this excursion.

Connections with other Hope Schools
Already some of our NHS staff have had significant engagement with the other Hope Schools, that is Pacific Hope School and Valley Hope School, it is our hope that in the future there will be significant relationships built between students at the various Hope Schools.

Connections with PHCS
It is wonderful to see the ways in which both of our Schools at Dural care for one another by sharing time together. This brings blessing to all concerned.

Please continue to pray for one another in NHS and encourage one another to pray for people beyond the school. This pattern teaches our children of the importance in trusting in God and showing love to others.

We are so thankful to God for the staff of NHS as the work is often challenging and requires significant patience and perseverance. Therefore, we are thankful for the character of each of our staff members and the way in which they work together as a team.

Visit to New Zealand Christian Schools
This week Mrs Dianne Dowson, Director of NHS and Mrs Kirsty Otten, our Coordinator of Special Education at PHCS, have had the opportunity to visit Middleton Grange School in Christchurch, KingsWay School in Auckland and Bethlehem College in Tauranga. We have a delightful relationship with each of these schools and we learn much of the excellent practice of Christian Education in which they are engaged.

Teach to Learn for Dianne Dowson
When Mrs Dowson and other staff teach others from outside our School, the lessons that they have understood and practised so well, we are actually gaining greatly from the deepening and enriching of their understanding of the life of NHS.

Second Year 12 Graduation Dinner
This special event will be held on Thursday 21 September. We are so thankful for the perseverance of these children and the partnership we have with their parents and we look forward to this great celebration.

Dr E Boyce