Newsletter 2020 Term 1 Week 3

New Buildings
The development application for our new buildings was submitted over the Christmas break. We have some communication with council regarding this application and we are hopeful that within the next couple of months we will be advised of the success of this application.

SWAP - “Serving with a Purpose”
Year 8 students from Pacific Hills Christian school are “Serving with a Purpose” at New Hope School again this year. They will visit each fortnight on Friday during their pastoral care time. A keen and supportive group of students visited for their first visit last week, and some have returned again this week to reconnect with our students. During their regular visits the students will spend time together, enjoying board games and social activities. We are thankful for this ongoing support program that benefits both school communities.

Meet the Teacher Evening and IEP meetings
Thank you to those families who came along, it was a great turn out and a great opportunity for parents to speak to their class teachers. Many families have already organised a time with the class teacher for their IEP meetings. These meetings are an important opportunity to collaborate and discuss the best plans for each student at our school. I encourage parents to contact their classroom teacher if they haven’t already, to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet. I am thankful for the support that we receive from parents during these meetings which reflect the strong Christian community of New Hope School.

NHS Open Day
We wish to extend an invitation to potential new families to our New Hope School Open Day on Saturday 7 March. We hope to see a lot of new and potential families/students on this wonderful day. This day is a combined open day with Pacific Hills Christian School, and therefore visitors on this day are encouraged to meet staff in the Performance Arts Centre (PAC) foyer at the front of the school property. Please pass this information on to anyone you know who may be interested.

Parent Contact List 
Our Parent Contact list has now been distributed via email. Please ensure this list is kept confidential and is for your use only.

Hannahs Uniform Shop
If at any stage during the year you need to purchase uniform items, the ladies in the uniform shop would be happy to take any orders via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone and can deliver items to a student’s class. Or if you need to visit, the Term One opening hours are:
Monday & Tuesday: 8:30am – 3:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30am – 1:30pm

Folders in bags
As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, a plastic document folder has been placed in your child’s bag today. This folder is to stay in your child’s bag permanently and is where we will place permission notes or other notes sent home. Please use this folder to return signed notes also. This folder system will assist our staff in locating returned notes more easily.

Mrs Dianne Dowson

Dates for your Diary

Saturday 7 March     Open Day