Taronga Zoo Excursion

2017 05 10 nhs taronga excursion web 12On Thursday May 11, our delightful students visited Taronga Zoo at Mosman. The students and staff enjoyed the many wonderful sights and sounds the zoo had to offer, including the barking seals, the playful monkeys, the trumpeting elephants, and the squawking birds.

Our first stop was the koala exhibit, where we observed the cute and cuddly koalas … sleeping in the tree! After this, we made our way to see the Komodo dragon and reptile displays. The students enjoyed hunting for lizards and reptiles in the many glass enclosures. We then continued towards the Giraffe Encounter, enjoying the panoramic views of Sydney Harbour and the city.

We rested our legs while enjoying the Seal Show at 11:00am. The students loved watching the sea lions (Mali and Pippa) performing tricks, retrieving objects and eating fish. After the seal show finished, we wandered past the penguins, the pelicans and the pygmy hippos. We even had the chance to observe Taronga’s pygmy hippo calf Kamina, keeping close to its mother Kambiri. From here, we wandered down the Rainforest Trail, through the palm aviary and past the Leaf Monkeys, before stopping for lunch by the elephant enclosure.

The afternoon was spent observing the playful Western Lowland Gorillas, swinging from ropes and chasing each other. We then strolled through the Australian Walkabout exhibit, where we saw many native Australian animals, such as the echidna, kangaroos and emus. Before departing, we enjoyed the Australian nightlife enclosure, which included the bilby and ghost bat exhibits.

The students enjoyed the up-close encounters with the many species that reside at the zoo. Many of our students identified their favourite animals. Daniel A loved seeing the red-bellied black snakes. Katya enjoyed watching the Australian fur seals doing tricks and splashing the audience in the front rows. Nathaniel enjoyed watching the Silverback gorilla, Kibali, playing with the young gorillas. Heather loved watching the monkeys as they played and chased each other. BJ enjoyed watching the elephants as they threw dust and dirt around. Cameron liked the Komodo dragon, while Cody loved the scaly snakes. Riley enjoyed watching the turtles swimming about. All of our students enjoyed the playfulness, tricks, and skills that the sea lions displayed during the Seal Show.

What a wonderful time we had, learning about the wide variety of animal species and their habitats. We are so thankful to God for each of His creations - the big, the small and the in between.

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