New Hope School holds true to the essential values that flow from its foundation in the Christian faith. As an operation of Pacific Hills Christian Education Ltd., New Hope School professes and strives to live out the values expressed in the Bible, among them Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Perseverance, Kindness, Obedience.

In addition New Hope School holds the following values to be essential to its culture and community

  •  Honour - Every person that is a member of the New Hope School community is honoured by having the dignity their unique individuality deserves recognised and respected.
  •  Opportunity - New Hope School values the provision of challenging learning experiences tailored to match the present and future needs of each student.
  •  Purpose - Grounded in the truths and values of Christian faith and providing a clear direction for learning and for life.
  •  Excellence - Striving with God's help to not only achieve excellence as a product but to practise it as a process, New Hope School aims to inspire all members of its community to achieve highly and to grow individually to be all that God destined them to be.

New Hope School holds that values flow from basic beliefs and are manifest in behaviours. Therefore we prioritise the teaching of foundational Biblical belief to inform the expression of Biblical values in behaviour that complies with Biblical standards for a caring, compassionate, courageous community.